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New BIOS for INFINITY 8/16

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I saw 8/06BIOS being official in 8/27.

The link where I come from was global english.

And when I saw the site again, yesterday, there wasn't 8/06BIOS.

8/06BIOS was in BETA section.

I think Angry_Games knows the fact that 8/06BIOS was in Offical section.

Because he created a thread about it in BIOS Factory section.

He deleted it in only a few minutes.


Sorry if my English is not easy to understand.

My mother language is far from English.

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...enhanced bios for LpB and UI.


Ok sempron bios (0806) is beta and is beta until such time as FAE passes the bios. I have no clue if a clerical error or what may have posted the bios incorrectly as I do not have sempron cpu nor plan on getting one for NF2 so I have not closely followed the bios. I just know from TW that the bios is indeed beta until it passes FAE and has not passed that as of yet. Period.


LpB has a different version number as it was finished and sent beta at a different date this time. So sempron bioses for DFI UI and LpB are beta until FAE passes the bioses after testing.


Sincerely, RGone...

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