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about locking AGP

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Right when I locked my AGP to 66 and booted back into windows I went on msn for one last time, for a clan leader to ask me if i wanted a tryout to get into a gameing clan, so I said yes I would like to join:


So went onto sof2 and went to the server, my fps was averaging 300 but I kept getting major bouts of lag, and the only thing I changed was the AGP speed and locked it to 66


My question is doing this would cause my graphics card to underperform?


Logic tells me "yes of course your decreasing some value to do with the card"


but when I read about overclockers on a forum i also post at they all seem to have overclocked systems and high performance cards and surely they wouldnt do the agp lock if it meant less graphics performance.


Can someone explain to me what AGP lock down does and if it would it lower graphics performance ?

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Perhaps a little reading will help...http://www.sysopt.com/agp.html


Keeping it at 66 mhz x 8 will hopefully allow for stability. As that is the defined speed the bus should be working at. If it is slower than you have had it running then it might slow down 3d performance a smidgen (if that's a word). :rolleyes: Simply because the potential bandwidth is lowered slightly with which the bus can supply textures from system memory to the video card...

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