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Lan party is far to ugleh to hide eheheh

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Well, as you know I first registered on this site before I bought my new rig to get some tips right from the off :D


and this rig was being made (rather messy) in this pic


*Note the case side in the forground*




After building I though hmmm tha lan party is farrrrr to purdy of a motherboard to keep hiden in my standard case.


Sooo, 1 dremmel tool, drill, sandpaper and wirewool later I converted my case into a window case :)




Now to just buy a sexeh light to light it up :shake:


Ps Thanks to all the team and members here who have helped me with alot of questions I have had, your a great comunity and very nice to be giving your free time to help people like me :)


Oh and moving the fan from middle to around the heatsink fan area has made it cooler :)

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lol im not sure, but its a nice case. Nice to work on and no real sharp bits


I saw your site on case modding afterwards too lol, and the cats. Junior looks cool lol, I want him : D

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