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reboot after bios flash -which method

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I've never done a flash before but i want to get my 2500+m to the right fsb and multi upon boot for non overclocking, but i'm not sure whether to clear the cmos or use the j8 jumper removal method to force 100fsb


I need the new bios for mobile microcode recognition, right?

any advice?




Clearing OC Setting - J8


If you are unable to boot your system due to overclocking, you can use J8 to lceear the OC setting> Please follow the steps below.


1. Power-off the system

2. Remove the jumper cap fromJ8 then power-on the system. This will clear the OC setting.

3. When the system reboots, press to enter the Awared BIOS Setup Utility.

4. Hilight "Load Optimized Defaults" the press.

5. Type the press to load the Setup default values.

6. Highlight "Save & Exit Setup" the press.

7. Type "Y" and press .

8. You can power-off the system ONLY whe the boot-up screen appears. After the system powers-off, place the jumper cap back onto J8.

9. Power-on the system. The system will now run according to the actual FSB of the CPU.



also: i'm not sure whether or not to use /F switch i'm getting conflicting information for the 6-19 bios


Warning: For NFII chipset based motherboard, please do not give "/F" instruction. Otherwise, LAN MAG IP will be lost that might cause your LAN feature failed.



but here it says to use /F


1. Please give instruction "AWDFLASH N24ID619.BIN /F/QI/CC/Sn/Py" upon flashing BIOS.

2. "Load Optimized Defaults" will be required after completing the BIOS flashing since this version is overall renewed.


so uh which is it?

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myself, I used the Diamond Flash BIOS update download... so when it come to what switches to use... it was all part of the bootable floppy it created.


As for what to do after the flash, I followed this method that was part of Angry_Games sticky ...


Here is the 'official' DFI way of clearing the CMOS:


every time you flash to a new bios, it is very important to clear the old BIOS settings out this way:


1. pull power

2. pull battery

3. clear cmos jumper for minimum of 30-60 seconds

4. replace cmos jumper to normal position

5. replace battery

6. replace power

7. boot to bios and load optimized defaults

8. save and exit

9. boot back to bios and now you can change settings to your liking.


always remember that alpha and beta bioses are to be used at your own risk. they are not official BIOSes for a reason.

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man oh man phewff


I accidentally flashed my bios :rolleyes: went ok though.


I "used" the diamond flash method and cleared cmos by sticky method as well and did jumper method.




Have some questions though; it seems the 6-19 is official but the diamond is still beta. true?


Also these(if indeed offical and beta respectively) are supposed to read the microcode of mobile athlons. So shouldn't they automatically set the correct fsb and multi? Because mine is still at 6*133.6. though the boot screen indicates that it has recongized it as an xp mobile.

it's summer so i want to keep it at normal speeds

is this normal?


anyway i did get it to 204*11@2250mhz not sure if this was after or before flash though :)

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