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Nub question

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Where is the AGP and PCI locking on the DFI Nf2 ultra b motherboard ?




your overclocking nub mekrel :)

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In the genie bios section of your motherboards bios. PCI lock is on by default and I don't think it can be changed. However, the AGP "lock" is implemented by setting the AGP frequency to 66mhz.



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on nforce, the PCI bus has it's own clock generator I believe :)


and I think the clockgen people admitted that they took the agp bus clock and divided it by two to get the pci bus clock in the program ...


why do I think that they have a separate clock generator???

because the first nforce did ;)


Originally posted by elts_drac

PCI =1/2 AGP is how it works





My dead 8RGA+ has 5 chrystals ...


one of them can generate a frequency from 2MHz to 90MHz ... I think ...


one for the each of the following:






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