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FSB potential of my LP rev B - very quick yes\no answer

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Hi, I'm currently limited on my FSB to about 20456 mhz on my FSB, I'm pretty sure its the memory, it will run prime95 stable but always messes up after about 30 mins or so. Thought it might be the voltage on cpu or it reached its max but it runs fine at


200x12.5 @ 1.85vcore.




205x12 @ 1.85vcore will stop after 30 mins or so. (even at very loose timings in fact it does even seem to affect it at all)


Now at both settings the northbridge heatsink is getting very hot.


My question is...


Does this mean that its very unlikely I'll be able to get much higher than this on the FSB?


The thing is on my old board a rev 1.04 a7n8x (as you may know) it had problems getting over 200mhz on the FSB, mine could do it just about most can't. On that board the heatsink would get very hot, but it also seemed that how hot it got was very much related to the ram I was using and the timings rather than the actual FSB.


So for instance if I get some decent ram (BH-5 for example) would the northbridge still be as hot as it is? If it got much hotter I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be able to cope.


Plus I find it hard to belive that this board is only capable of 205mhz FSB (judging by the majority of users overclocks)


And would a that "NB1" heatsink for the chipset help me much, in keeping it cool and thereby allowing me to overclock the FSB.


In the UK to obtain decent ram is very expensive and I don't want to waste £200+ on some ram that will be useles to me.


P.S I know I've been asking far too many questions lately, hope I'm not annoying u all :O :angel: :D

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:) ...the old chicken or the egg first story? None of my DFI sisters runs the NorthBridge very hot. So if yours is hot it should be attended to. Why hot? How in hale would I know? Hehehehehe.


Will your board suddenly take off with good memory? Which came first the chicken or the egg?


My guess is that in 90% of the cases of which I am familiar; the 'really' good ram> runs 'really' good. Past that it is a question of how lucky you are in life and overclocking.


Sincerely, RGone...


EDITTED: I see you wanted yes/no answer to the potential of your mobo and we ain't touched it or felt it. Now you really want us to pull out our crystal ball. So with this note: these are not the views of DFI or any of its related subsidiaries and not the views of the webmasters or of any sane individual. So here you go.


75% yes and 25% no on speeding up with good memory as gathered from a look into my virtual crystal ball. Hehehehehehee.

I got to go get a life!!! RGone...Again...

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Yes - It sounds like something is wrong if your NB is that hot.


No - It's not the board limiting you to 205 FSB


Yes - It could be the memory


No - Not too many questions. that's what the forum is for.


Yes - the cpus usually need more volts past 2300MHz. Try 1.9


No - I don't think BH-5 will make the NB cooler.


Yes - The "N B1" heatsink does as good job.


Best O Luck

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Originally posted by soundx98

Yes - It feels like something is wrong


No - I am not really that old. Seriously 80 isnt that old


Yes - I am losing my memory - My BH-5 isn't what it used to be


No - My pacemaker doesn't need 1.9v it is wheelchair stable at 1.725


Yes - I really do like Willie Nelson


No - I don't know - What?


Yes - Dagnabit I cant remember; I'm getting old


You really should stop putting yourself down :D :nod: :nod: :nod:


Sorry for the hijack:shake: :shake:

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Hi folks, thanx soundx98 appreciate your answers.


I think I know why the NB was getting so hot, (also solved problems in my other post)


I think it was the CPU not being cooled enough, looks like the fan wasn't powerful enough, chucked on an old ys-tech 92mm fan on it and the temps are down 7c under load.


And now the northbridge has taken a dive as well.


amongst my messing about today I took off the old nb heatsink off my old a7n8x and stuck it on the SB.


so alls good (for now :))


thank you everyone.

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