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Terrible OC with 6/19 LNFIIU

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Guest Ph0n33z



FOr the past week I have posted about having nothing but problems. Random freezes, posting errors, which wouldnt even go away with a full 6 hour cmos clear and bios flash etc..


Well, I wanted to finall see if it was the bios causing all of this. So, I flashed my board back to 1/21, as I had a good oc with that before. Sure it enough, it is running GREAT! No post errors, no freezes, and now I can actually oc! Running the 6/19, my best was 10.5x200!!! Now, I just booted up at 11x215 with same voltages! Its really weird. So I am gonna start ocing this puppy to see where it can go.


Anyone else have probs with the new bios?

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:) was not released with but one thing in mind and that was to try to alleviate the cold boot = no post problem and as such may or may not allow the same overclock of a beta bios. There are a lot more settings to be managed in the later 6/19 that may or may not really suit your motherboard setup. That is a simple fact.


The fact that you do have a bios that you feel overclocks well for you in the 1/21 is a very good and fortunate thing. That bios and a bios savior with 6/19 flashed to the ORG side and run then from the RD1 side will keep you in good stead with warranty and seems run your board better as you are setup. Sounds a good deal all around as you found something that works.


In answer to your real question> I can run fast with any bios that will flash onto any of three DFI sisters I own. Period. But the later bioses with myriads of settings take a little more homework to get them to run fast with the same memory. The bioses all have different characteristics and is one reason there are so many.


It is only in the last few months or so that boards like the NF7 have had owner hybrid bioses that are using some of the principles incorparated in the later DFI bioses to make the NF7 run better. Well better for some but as is always the case> worse for others.


I am glad you found a combo that more nearly suits your setup and all and with that I am satisfied. Have fun and just be careful as you move up the scale of FSB and max mhz as haste will make waste for sure.


Sincerely, RGone...1ster>:)

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