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DFI and Micro Center Team to Give Away Doom 3T Ultimate Gaming Machine

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DFI® and Micro Center® Team to Give Away Doom 3™ Ultimate Gaming Machines




-- DFI® and Micro Center® build high end systems with components from Corsair®, Western Digital®, eVGA®/NVIDIA®, Intel®, CoolerMaster®, Mad Dog Multimedia®, and Microsoft® to bring to gamers the Ultimate Gaming Machines Giveaway Promotion --






Hayward, CA (August 5, 2004) – This is what many gamers have been waiting for since 2000. One of this year’s most anticipated PC titles, Doom 3™, is about to redefine first person shooter games. DFI®, maker of the award-winning LANParty™ series of motherboards and a worldwide leader in applied computing platforms, and Micro Center®, nation-wide retailer known as the technology customers’ one-stop shop, have teamed up to bring to you the Doom 3 Ultimate Gaming Machines Giveaway.




Doom 3 has a high system requirement, and upgrade can be necessary for most gamers. As one of the participating partners of this game, each Micro Center store will be equipped with a DFI-powered Ultimate Gaming Machine to show the true difference good hardware can make. The Doom 3 Ultimate Gaming Machine, built on today’s most advanced PC technologies, is designed to immerse demanding gamers in the best gaming experience ever. Gamers will be encouraged to test drive the rig and to enter to win one of twenty $3000 extreme systems. The Doom 3 Giveaway will run from August 5-31 at all Micro Center locations. To participate in the giveaway, gamers simply obtain a coupon from any of the 20 locations and go to http://www.dfi.com.tw/doom3promo to enter.




Created with the Doom 3 gamers in mind, the Ultimate Gaming Machine is built on the Intel LGA 775 Pentium 4 540 (3.20 GHz) platform and features DFI’s signature UV sensitive LANPartyUT 915P-T12 motherboard. Based on Intel’s 915P chipset, DFI’s latest offering is the first to support high-bandwidth DDR2 memory and ultra fast PCI-express graphics technology. Breaking the 10% overclocking barrier, the LANPartyUT motherboard offers both performance and features without compromising its looks. DFI’s proprietary Karajan 8-channel audio, built on Intel’s new Azalia audio standard, eliminates unwanted background static noises to provide the best theater-like audio experience during game play.




Keeping up with the demand for fastest frames per second, the Ultimate Gaming Machine features a whopping 1 GB XMS Pro Series DDR2 memory from Corsair Memory. Rated at blazing fast 675 MHz, Corsair’s newest DDR2 memory is selected as the memory of choice for hardcore gamers and overclockers. . Western Digital’s WD RaptorÔ hard drives, the industry’s first 10,000 RPM Serial ATA drives, provides high data access speed while maintaining system stability during game play. WD Raptor drives feature a large 74GB capacity, an 8MB buffer, 4.5 ms average data seek times and is designed to last for years of high-performance operation, around the clock.




Optimized for games like id Software’s revolutionary 3D game engine and built on NVIDIA’s latest GPU, eVGA’s latest e-GeForce 6800GT PCI-express video card draws you into the most frightening and gripping 3D gaming experience ever created. Recommended by id Software for Doom 3, NVIDIA allows gamers immerse their senses in a massive demonic invasion and struggle with shock and fear as they fight back.




Any gaming machine is not complete without a high-speed optical drive. The DOMINATOR 6-in-1 dual DVD +/- RW by Mad dog Multimedia ensures the most versatile entertainment and storage solution. To complete the offering, the Ultimate Gaming Machine is-housed in CoolerMaster’s latest windowed Cavalier case in ice silver color. Under the UV lights and with DFI’s UV sensitive motherboard inside, the system is truly one rig screaming style and raw power.




Micro Center Doom 3 Ultimate Gaming Machine Specifications



Processor Intel Pentium 4 LGA 775 540 (3.2 GHz)


Motherboard DFI LANPartyUT 915P-T12


Memory Corsair XMS Pro DDR2 (667 MHz) * 1 GB


Storage Western Digital Raptor 74 GB / 10,000 RPM


Video Card eVGA e-GeForce 6800 GT (PCI-Express )


Optical Drive Mad Dog Multimedia DOMINATOR 8x Dual Layer DVD +/- RW


Operating System Microsoft XP Home


Case CoolerMaster Cavalier With Side Window


Power Supply CoolerMaster 350W


Cooling CoolerMaster LGA 775 Heat Sink and Cooling Fan





About DFI® (San Jose), Inc.



Founded in 1981 in the heart of Asia, DFI, Inc. is a worldwide leader in motherboard design and manufacturing. Headquartered in Taiwan, DFI’s international presence includes the United States, the Netherlands, China and Japan. Dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality solutions for the expanding IT market, DFI’s product lines include a complete line-up of advanced motherboards, graphics solutions, and Applied Computing Platforms. The company sells its products through a selected group of distributors, system builders, VARs, retailers and e-tailers internationally.




DFI’s US branch office is located at 30991 San Clemente Street, Hayward, CA 94545. For more information on the company, please visit www.dfi.com.tw.




DFI and LANParty are registered trademarks. Other product names are either trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.




About Micro Center®

Micro Center operates twenty stores in major markets nationwide. Founded in 1979 in Columbus, Micro Center’s distinctive features include:


· A destination retailer designed to satisfy the dedicated computer user.


· Uniquely focused on computers and computer-related products. In fact, Micro Center offers more computer and computer-related SKUs (over 30,000 in stock) than any other retailer.


· The most square footage devoted exclusively to computers and computer-related items of any retailer (stores average 45,000 square feet).


· Selection, service and sales staff expertise modeled after Nordstrom and other service-oriented retailers.


· More upscale atmospherics than big box consumer electronics stores.


· Innovated the departmentalized approach to computer retailing. Service levels and expertise vary to meet customer preferences by department. This means:


o Consultative career sales staff in hardware departments which surround staple items in the center of the store.


o Quick in/out shopping experience on staple items with checkouts conveniently arranged.




Micro Center store locations:


CA - Tustin and Santa Clara; CO – Denver; GA – Atlanta (2); IL – Chicago (2); KS – Kansas City; MA – Boston; MI – Detroit; MN – Minneapolis; NY – Westbury, LI; OH – Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus (2); PA – Philadelphia; TX – Dallas, Houston; VA – Fairfax.




For more information on Micro Center and its 20 retail locations, please visit http://www.microcenter.com.

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Awesome but bunk!! I live in South Dakota!! Anyone wanting to hook us up like Elt Dracs said I'm sure we'ld be real appreciative. Thankful too.:D Well heres to hoping one of us DFI "hardcores" comes away with at least one of those wicked toys!:nod:

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Originally posted by nebuchanezzar

Awesome but bunk!! I live in South Dakota!! Anyone wanting to hook us up like Elt Dracs said I'm sure we'ld be real appreciative. Thankful too.:D Well heres to hoping one of us DFI "hardcores" comes away with at least one of those wicked toys!:nod:


That's what I'm talking about. They should rewrite the contest so you get 1 entry per post here!!!!! Of course I say that because only AG has more posts than ME!!!

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