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Hellfire's 6/19 Bios With 12/18 ROMSIP

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For the NF4 Ultra D? Probably this one.


Only places that i know of that sell Bios Saviours around your part of the world are FrozenCPU(but they're currently sold out), and Paragonoca but it doesn't look like they have the one you need either. Its the RD1-PMC4 you require. With IOSS having stopped production of its Bios Saviours it looks like you might be hard pressed to find one.

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Sorry to resurrect this old thread but I was wondering about NFII users (Infinity and LP-B).


What bios allows you to gain max FSB OC with 2x512 (UTT CH-5)?


I'm currently using Hellfire 3EG Rev3 with my Mushkin Redline XP4000 (UTT CH-5) and I toastered 11x235 but currently testing at 236FSB (11x).


I haven't been able to stabilize 240FSB (10.5x) unless I loosen the alphas. With the looser timings I can get 18 hrs (Prime95).


10x250 fails Prime95 and SuperPI 32M with the stock or loose alphas.


I've tried Tictac's 619/XT but I don't see any difference from 3EG Rev3.


Any suggestions for 10x250 and UTT CH-5 (2x250) with CPC enabled?



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all the links are down :/ does anyone happen to have this bios?


HF's Infinity Turbo Bios Rev. #1:

1. Hellfire's GT2871 Romsip (Modified 1/21)

2. L12 mod built-in

3. Cpu Interface Revised

4. CPU Warning Tempurature Enabled

5. Shutdown Temperature Enabled

6. SATA bios from 5.0.44 (Modified)

7. PCI Latency = 128 clocks

8. EXT-P2P Discard = 1ms

9. Side Band Addressing Enabled

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I can't se any bios for venus, is this possible


I am using 4 x 1 Gb Infineon Rev. C, any of these hellfire bios that would be better for this setup?



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