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06/19 Fixes Cold-Boot - Please post HERE!

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#13 Popcicle



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Posted 24 June 2004 - 03:47 PM

/tiny switch will work. I used it awhile ago.

#14 RGone


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 03:50 PM

:confused: this same around the world what to use for syntax comes up every time that it seems the awdflash is the 'best' way to get a clean flash. It has been hashed until it is really old old news it would seem.

Best just to drop the /f switch and use the remainder of
the syntax for an awdflash.

Now Popcicle is "one" very sharp operator and he said that above; so do that above and stay out of trouble if you can. I forgot about the reams of literature on the /f switch and the MAC address as it has never bothered me. But just do as Popcicle says and drop the /f. I use it and will but you guys drop the /f.

Sincerely, RGone...

#15 BILKO1


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 04:20 PM

WOW:) I think i got a new motherboard this bios rocks:nod: I was worried that flashing to a dfi beta bios would cause me probs with my phase change but it booted straight up. Just run 3dmark2k1 3 times @10x250fsb single channel with cpc on no problems:D rebooted several times and no cold boot problems, so far so good just going to let it prime overnight (need a toaster) then i'll try dual channel. Thanks DFI for the bios but you've just done yourself out of a sale, i was going to sell this made in China and get a made in Taiwan;) Cheers BILKO1

#16 Guest_Zero_*

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Posted 24 June 2004 - 06:42 PM

after flashing 12/18 to both rd1 and original bios chip, i flashed this one to the rd1 using:

1- load optimiced defaults, and lower multy to 5 (i have a 1700+ with a wire mod to set fsb to 200, so 200x11 needed a little more vcore)
8.24F awdflasher
c:>awdflash n24id619.bin /cc /cd /cp /sn /py /f /e /tiny /wb /ld
4. alt + ctrl +del

i've been using the /f when testing EVERY non moded bios (and many moded ones) with no trouble.
the only time i had trouble with LAN, was with a winflash

thats all, it rebboted with no problems, and i changed all the settings at te same time. (i didn't set a high oc, since i am changing to a mobile next week, i set it to 200x10 only)

i noly had cold boot problems from times to times when using a vcore of 1.8 or 1.825, so i can't report on that now, but since i didn't flash like rgone said, i wanted to tell you all.

PD: whats /cks for ?

#17 Popcicle



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Posted 24 June 2004 - 07:10 PM


If you use the 24C version like I do the /f switch
will get you involved with the LAN MAC address.

There are different versions of Awdflash around so it's
in DFI's best interest just to ask folks not to use /f.

Sometime when you are going to do a flash in DOS
and you get the A: prompt.... type Awdflash /? and
you will get a screen with the different switches and
what they represent.

Okay.... Back on Topic.

#18 effortless


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Posted 24 June 2004 - 10:54 PM

The 6/19 bios should become the latest official bios! After testing every single bios release that I could get my hands on, this one seems to have fixed every issue that the others had. I'd like more people to post their experiences. By the looks of it, many aren't posting because they don't have anything to moan and groan about. My biggest concerns before were cold boot and no boot from S3 suspend, but both are now fixed.

Happily running at 250 fsb :)... Thanks DFI.

Two last requests however would be a display in mhz under the multiplier of what the FSBxMultiplier will equal... currently, the only speed in mhz that shows is the current speed at the top of that page. I know I could pop out the old calculator, but it was a feature in my last mobo that I miss. And an option to clear the cmos reloaded banks instead of just writing over them. (if you could, please forward these requests to OSKAR)

AG and RGone, thanks for all your help... and maybe a few more people will give this beta a try and post their remarks.

#19 Guest_Spartacus_*

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Posted 24 June 2004 - 11:54 PM

Originally posted by effortless
By the looks of it, many aren't posting because they don't have anything to moan and groan about.

Just because you haven't seen the posts doesn't mean they aren't out there. :)

My board has BAD warm boot problems with any of the 06/xx BIOS versions including 06/19. It hasn't had warm boot problems with any other BIOS versions. I flash back to 01/21 and no more warm boot problems. The new warm boot problems are far worse than the cold boot problem.

I have seen other reports of this too.

How's that for moaning and groaning? :)

#20 OverFlow


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 12:04 AM

Just flashed it the "RGone way" and it fully works :)

S3 resuming bug are history, and cold/warm-boot disapeared so far

Please note that a friend of mine use WinFlash and it fully works to him too

So, 19/6 is the official future Official :D ?

#21 Kelt


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 12:21 AM

Okay guys, I've got a few spare bios chips around the place so i'm gonna try flashing using Winflash. I'll let you know how it goes.

#22 Pion


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 04:20 AM

sorry some noob question..

where can i download awdflasher boot disk?

#23 winc87


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 04:52 AM

Good and stable bios ever ! No cold boot problem , and no problem resume from S3. :)

#24 MartinBG


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Posted 25 June 2004 - 05:13 AM

Am I the only one who still have problems when resuming from S3 state even with this BIOS? :(

MB LP-B, BIOS 619, Vdd 1.6V, Vagp 1.6V
RAM TwinMOS BH5 2x256MB @ 250MHz 11-2-2-2-2.0-13-15-E-E-F-E 3.4V (volt mod); in 1st and 3rd mem slots
CPU 1800+ @ 2500MHz (10*250) 1.75V (1.79V real)
GF4 Ti 4200
TV Tuner - in 5th PCI slot
120GB Maxtor SATA
All on-board devices are enabled and working without problems so far.

Windows XP SP1, nForce 4.24, nVidia 44.03

The system is MemTest86 (#5), Prime95 (many hours), 3DMark (over 100 loops) and game stable.

With CAS 2.0 S3 doesn't work - only 1st Led lights up. Lowering FSB doesn't help in my case

With CAS 2.5 S3 resuming works, but my FSB is going down to 240MHz (2,4GHz CPU) after resuming. I can rise it again within Windows with 8rdavcore, but after next resuming it's again 240Mhz (checked with CPU-z and other programs).