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Flashing A 9000 With Atiflash


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ive been trying without success for a while to overclock my hercules radeon 9000 128 np using powerstrip and hoger and others.what happens is the card will overclock in windows but as soon as a game or any 3d app is started it resets to default again.i have spoke to a few guys about this and they all have said that the non pro 9000 is locked in the bios.so i got a copy of atiflash and flashrom and radedit then i extracted my bios.i can now alter the clocks using radedit and save the modified file back to floppy.do you think the flash with the moded copy of my own bios would work?has anybody tried this?i know its a crummy card and the overclocking potential is low due to 5ns memory but if i can perk it up just a bit i would be happy.if it doesnt flash can i just flash the original back again?thanks.

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