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Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

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Guest culinist

That's Don Culinistio to you my man.

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Likin this thread. Seeing what other crazies lookin like.


Three out of Four with Mustache and Goatee so far. I'm keeping track of all this.


I'll post as soon as I can find one without the naked farm animals.


EDIT: Updated old shot. A little more gray in this one :)



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Ok, as long as we're keeping it real.

Gonna Post a bunch 0 pics cause I'm laughing at this thread all ready.

Might as while get some advertising for the store out as well.


I own a little shop called Car-Fun-Atics in North Chicago, Illinois.

(847) 688-1000 if I can help you with "Big Boy Toys"



Here's a shot of our best salesperson. They just hand her money.



Point of Sale Area where I'm talking at you from most of the time



Video LCD Wall - You name it, Car-Fun-Atics got it ON SALE!

Fold Downs, Flip Outs, Sun Visor and RearView Mirrors with LCDs built in. Satellite Radio in both XM and SIRIUS flavors



Now you know where I get the Internal LCD monitors.

We also watch a lot of educational TV at the store.



Gamin HO for the customers and employees. [email protected]



Radar Detection and Remote Car Starters. My name is Monte Hall, Come On Down!



And Here's a shot of me in costume.



And this is in my Daytime costume. Good One, Huh?



wasn't really lookin my best that day.


hehehe. talk at ya soon, Carl aka Soundx98

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you need to use the [ img ] tag instead of the link tag. but either way she's smokin :nod: and Momma's a hottie too ;) Here is a pic of my fiancee. She is certainly the love of my life and my soulmate.


She made a handle on here elts_dracs fem but I don't have her quite up to speed on all the techy stuff yet so basically she reads the threads and laughs at all of us. Who said geeks and nerds can't get the hot chicks?

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Man you don't have to be a geek! I know nothing but 'niner' and that 'slot thingy.' Tell her to come join the wife and I, we need more women for our little club we are starting called "The Men we Love and their computers." Actually that sounds more like a self-help book which i plan to write someday. ;)

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I'll talk to her about it momma. You gals need ur support group too. That way the girls got something to do when all us boys fly someplace for the first OFFICIAL DFI-STREET LAN PARTY!!!! I say we have it @ RGone's the week of Febuary 8th 2005. *EG* We could make up some special edition DFI beads...do a live webcast...who's ready??? raise yer hands folks!!!

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