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Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

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......mong puts 'image' into search hoping for a hit on BIMG tags and gets to see this thread, :)


Me thinks me better pop in here more often




Nice picks all abt, love the stuff some peeps are coming up with, Gabbax u made me laugh, mad scientist more like, hehehee.




I took one look at the background and Venice popped in my head straight away, bit of a give away with the architecture and canal + the taxi sign!


Well id better put a pick up seeing that ive taken the time to post, here is me with my bros' im in the middle




Anyone want to guess where home is?




Unfortunately im not there at the moment, will be going back for holiday in September after i finish my studies.



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if I post a pic of me, the forum will become empty :)


btw, how you want it? in a shirt or without?


hint: pick shirt ;)


Originally posted by soundx98

slavik and soap - we need some pictures of them purty faces of yourn. hehehe

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I'd be more than happy too, but currently I'm without a scanner.

Its on my "to do" list but in all honesty a need for a scanner doesn't rank very high on my to do list.

When I get one I'll post some pics thats for sure.

Besides, theres not much to see.

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