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Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

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Myspace makes me laugh


after viewing your previous posts... i really think your aiming for this: emohair.gif


what do you think?


btw: represent.jpg


woot, dual-hymns! whats next... quad-hymns?!?!



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after viewing your previous posts... i really think your aiming for this: emohair.gif


After seeing this I really dont need to post a pciture of myself. lol. seriously.


I dont have a myspace, or cry by myself or anything. just one of thos really finiky ppl, who plays with their hair a lot.

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btw i thought this was a better picture of me:



its the iHymn (iTom).... what ever you want to call it


made it in photoshop, took me 10 minutes with preparation :-P


sometimes when you dont want to do schoolwork, you will do anything in the world to pass the time.

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Well some people have been bitching at me to get some pics up from my Halloween party my buddies and I threw at our house. (no, not a frat house, just the house we happen to live in)


Unfortunately, a good 20% of them wouldn't be able to go up here because...they just aren't really appropriate. For the rest of them, well I don't know, I just don't feel comfortable showing any pics of just a bunch of random friends of mine. One in particular I know doesn't want to have his picture posted anywhere (he's mexican, probably illegal or some . :D) but whatever.


Anyways, I just picked out a couple with me in it, whoever got shot with me can go to hell if they don't like being on here. Oh, and I picked out a shot of my boy...you'll understand. :)


I like this first one...because either I'm missing out on something or they all are. By the way, I'm facing the party, and the house that the party is in is behind the camera. Oh and hey, to the far left you can see part of the technodanvan itself! I parked it in a bush that night, no joke.




A good pic of Pastor Dan. People actually knew who I was (they had to see me if they wanted to drink *cough*), and by the time the Keg Shop closed I had all the employees calling me that as well. Our party went through about half their keg supply of delicious Keystone Light.




Heh, this is one of the guys I live with....and no he's not my 'boy' but instead dressed up as Party Boy. You'll understand if you're seen Jackass. Honestly I don't know how he didn't get punched at all...but he, really, really pulled it off very well. Apparently he couldn't feel his feet much the next day, it was around 45-50 F outside that night. Yes, he actually had a thing on, and thats it. I almost got him to dress up as a nun too and tear that off partway through the night, but there were time constraints.




And lastly, my boy. Another guy I live with (coincidentally a brother of the guy above) and the guy that went along with my costume. I'm not sure how we didn't get a picture together at all that night, seeing as how I was a priest and he was supposed to be a 10-year old boy. Get it? Good.


Anyways yeah he doesn't look nearly small enough...mostly because he's a wrestler and a black belt in Tai-Kwon-Do (spelling?). But whatever, it made it all the more funny.




There's a couple other pics I don't have, I still haven't gotten the neighbor's camera (the girl in pic #1) who has a great picture of our driveway the next day...which was just annihilated. Also there had to be a great pic of an old friend I graduated from High School with....who somehow came as the Devil. This was somewhat ironic (for those that knew us) as while we were friends in HS we were also the two top guys of our class, and always competed (sort of)....and then i was a priest and he was the devil, and was doubly irnoic because we're both atheists (of sorts).


Anyways we had a great turnout (~160 people), lots of scantily clad women, lots of hilarious costumes, lots of beer, and lots and lots and lots of air guns being shot at each other.:eek2:


Totally worth it. :angel:

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