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Anyone up for a post a pic of yourself thread?

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Me an mR. AhhGee gwats nose each udder to hairport sew me puss a pic up fer heem to seize. Hehehehehehe. Me wuz only 65 when em pics wuz tooked fore yars go. First race evuh in dirty tracks car.





Car on the rat side whut wuz what kolored wuz droved by me ceased son-in-law. Narly a yar now he not wid us no moe. Hale of a nut fer sonzinlawz.




Me RGone...

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This is a pic Lovey took of me at the D-Day museum almost two years ago.




Notice the grumpy disposition is visible from a distance. I even have my Star Trek watch on. What a geek.


BTW I was just sitting in the wheel chair taking a break.

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found some more of me heh...





me n Snoop Dog yo





me n Jacky (ma cat)




got momma a Goalie stick last night, signed by our two goalies (one is the ECHL All-Star MVP!)'


ill pop up a pic when i get around to it ;)

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I'll show you mine if you show me yours first...


I used to use this one on the girls when I was about 5. Didnt work then, and I cant recall it working very well in the meantime. As a pick-up-line is was none too successful as I recollect...consarnit, dagnabbit..


Sorry to the point...


Has anyone else noticed that Alexia hasnt posted her/his picture?


This has me just a little curious, not alot of women around here as a rule..


Am I right or am I right ? (or is Alexia a bloke..in Russia it is a blokes name)(my wife is actually called Alex - and she is definately female)


Anyway my challenge stands....Alexia your move..

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ok, here's a pic of me gettin ready to eat....taken this past Christmas.

So how long were you in?


That's a classic prison mess hall pose with the two utensils in a full fist grip. I only know from working on movies at Angola State Prison in Louisiana.


The Trustees working on the set get to eat just like the Free People(their term for non-inmates). No seperate food or dinning allowed.


BTW Where's the mustache and goatee?

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As an added bonus fer all yer hard work (stubble makin and stuff), I'm gonna show you da correct way to drink da beers.





That's awesome :nod:



Well, i'm a man of many appearances, so here's me a few months ago when i last bothered to shave my head :cool:




And more recently, sans-beard, at a lanparty (gotta use the mobo for it's purpose, hehe) looking all deadly serious while playing Unreal Tournament 2004 :shake:



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