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The please explain your HANDLE thread.

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Well I don't usually go by wodan, I usually go by nytmare or nytmarezz (my pcper.com/amdmb.com name). I picked wodan as a handle a while back on a few forums because I wanted to start fresh, not have people recognize me at other forums under by nytmare name. That didn't last too long ... I eventually went back to nytmare/nytmarezz.


Now as for the background of it..... wodan (also known as odin in other dialects) = god of wisdom and war in germanic/norse mythology....


(1) I have a german background


(2) I enjoy playing war-like games


(3) I didn't see it being used a lot around the web (even though there are a few other wodans out there...)


I actually go by a lot of handles in games/forums... here is a few of them... :








In regards to my "nytmare" or "nytmarezz" handle, I used to play Soul Caliber 2 a lot and really liked playing as Nightmare (a character in the game, a fighter game) so I just went with it online....

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I know nightmarezz from the pcper forums. All comin' back now.


@Fletcherea - ROFLMAO - best explanation we've had.

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I'm Big Snowmobile Nut, Well not really a nut.

One of my snowmobiles is a Snopro ZR440 racing sled, I dont race, atleast not professionaly anyway.

I ride hard & fast, most have trouble keeping up with me.

Ive been rider for many years.

I ride mostly in the UP & Northern Wis. (Upper Pencila Michigan in the USA is one of the best places on Earth to ride)



When Hell Freezes Over, I'll Ride There Too!


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What needs 'splaining.......LOL


Actually it was an attempt on my part to elicit some sympathetic and gentle answers to my nOOb and ignorant questions back when I was a rookie and building my first rig.


Worked for the most part too, You wippersnappers can be sooooo cruel at times.



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My handle is from Celtic Mythology. Seeing Im into all things Celtic. http://www.celtnet.org.uk/gods_c/cythrawl.html


See, it means Evil Person or Devil :D that about sums me up. Some other Celtic scholars also think that its the Celtic Version of Hell.


I have been using the name since way back in the Quake 2 days when I was part of the UK Clan Minor Threat. We did quite well, and had one of the highest scoring games ever when we battled the SpizeGrls. I think the game ended with like 245 kills to 2. And we were mostly all on 56k Dial up modems at that (Lag city).

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