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No boot with new CPU???

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OK brain trust...riddle me this..


Currently running a Mobile 2500 week 3/49


received 2600+ Mobile today.. week 3/46


Dropped the 2600+ in (tried twice actually....) and all I get is the 4 LED's and no boot...


before I took out my 2500, I had set optimized defaults, I cleared CMOS as well...


Pulled the 2600+ out and put the 2500+ in, boots right up, no problem,


switched back again (a Hassle with a water block!) and still no boot and the 4 LED's with the 2600+


tried it with 2 different BIOS' as well (ie: the bios I am using now in my savior, and the stock bios in the stock chip)

no difference...


again, put my 2500+ back and here I am again...


I am going to go try the chip in another board now....


but in the meantime...

any thoughts?




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:D ...if I got that set of circumstances posed to me that way in other forum in the world> I would say the new cpu is defunct.


On the one hand I hope the cpu is doa as if it is nOt, then my troubleshooting skills are instead defunct and I am a loser. However, I do not say that so you wind up with a doa processor, just so I am assurred I still have some measure of troubleshooting acumen.


Sincerely, RGone...

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