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How do you do backups?>


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I have been using Norton Ghost to back my system up to a spare drive for a few years now.....


Never had a problem with it.


What do others use these days?

Ghost is just seeming a bit dated and I wanna make sure I have the safest option...



Drive Image?


True Image?


Something else??





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:D ...

Ghost is just seeming a bit dated


Music to the software developers ears. Hehehehehe. Never mind that it has worked and worked so well in your application all this time. Hehehehehehe. Roken.


Drive Image that new what is it 700mb plus behometh? Had a friend of mine describe his useage of that when it first came out n the later version about 3 months ago and I said no thank you. Sure lots of folks will find it a dElite.


Let me see what else you mention? Oh True Image at the last word I got doing search all over the net, is waiting to be SATA compatible as of about 6 weeks ago. 6 weeks could be forever in puter software though.


Anyway, I still just throw my little ghost floppy in and tell it to put each partion over on another hard drive and go on my merry way. And thank goodness it still does what I tell it to do instead of what some brilliant softare developer thinks it should do. Heehehehehehehe.


There may be some truth to something different being a good find as more and more LAN there home setups and all but right now just gimme a lil ole shot uh duh ghostE.


Nar sancere, ole RGone...

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