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LanParty will not boot S-ATA or CDROM ??

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For the past two weeks I was running an Infinity NFII board.. /w LG DVD-ROM as Primary IDE and Seagate Barracuda 120GB S-ATA drive as my hard disk. I was able to boot no problems into the hard drive.. had the settings set to SCSI first boot.. in the Genie Bios it was set to S-ATA not S-ATA Raid.. everything worked.



Today I got a LanParty board.. same BIOS settings, will not boot my OS.. Actually, it will not even boot CD-ROM ?? not sure whats up..


Also, another weird thing about this bios is that the Bus Speed is locked at 133mhz.. very weird.. i can change the multiplier.. but cpu bus speed at 133mhz. no matter if I set it to 200mhz or 175 or whatever.. For example if I set my CPU bus speed to 200 mhz and the multiplier to 10x it should show 2000mhz but it showes 1333mhz..


The bios version is 11/27/2003


any help would be appreciated..


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