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A big Kiwi Hi and Thanks to everyone


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Greetings All,


May i first say this is the VERY first forum Ive ever joined, so please be patient with me while i learn the ropes:D


MY story so far:


Last week I finally recieved the final part to get my PC up and running, the upgrade took 3 months to peice together in all, and I took 3 days in all off work "sick" to assemble it and power on.The problems began, random lock ups, then lock ups during game play. So using my Fiancee's PC I looked everywhere for help.


WE stumbled onto a couple of sites, this one, and another I won't mention :D , both had postings from both moderators of this site.


We looked up various possible solutions but in all i found the sites informative and VERY helpful. I can now say the system I'm running somewhat stable, as I'm yet to try out a game to max out the graphics and ram to see what happens.


Overall i'm very impressed with the information gathered here, and the overclocking information will maybe of some use if I go there :)


(I'm still trying to get my head around some of the terms used LOL)


Never before in all my PC building days have i ever come across such support and commitment as shown here.


So a BIG thank you to everyone out there, I know I'm not alone in trying to fix the "usual" new PC bugs and I'm glad and thankful i found a site like this. I've already emailed all my mates telling them of this site.


so again THANKS Guys :)



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:) glad to see you sir. Glad you are your level and hope you can find it a nice place to be. Some of us never learn our lessons (ME) and have to see if we can get 10lbs in our 5lb sacks. Hehehehe.


It is a wise man who admits he knows nothing


I have all those fine knowledgeable dudes around me in here and that helps an ole faht lak me. hehehehehehhehe.


Luck to you man. RGone...

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