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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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Guest SuppA-SnipA

hello all dfi'ers

on the weekend i got a new case by antec, and a new thermaltake heatsink, upgraded from stock, at idle with this new heatsink i get about 30C- 33C :eek2:

using of course AS5


here are some pictures






oh and i have been reading the Overclocking guides, so i will be tackling that soon, already had the pc at 2.6 ghz but i didnt understand some stuff about the ram stuff, so i am back to stock at 2.01ghz

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No them Yellow cables are not DFI Cables, :shake:


lol I was just thinking god damn those ide cables are so much nicer than the ones that came with my board! (before reading what you wrote)

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here is my contribution to this thread




AMD Opteron 165

2x Leadtek 7800GT Extremein SLI

DFI Lanparty UT SLI-DR Expert

Sunbeamtech Nuuo 550w PSU


CPU Waterblock = Danger Den TDX

GPU waterblock(s) = Danger Den NV-78 SLI

Pump = Danger Den D4 12v DC

Rad = Black Ice Xtreme II (Dual 120mm) w/2x120mm Papst Fans

Res = Danger Den dual 5.25" bay

Tubing = 1/2"ID clearflex

Clamps = red and white plastic clamps (local supplier ran out of white)

Water/Additive = Distilled water and Swiftech HydrX

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