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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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well, here are pics of my new work in progress:




its specs are:

tbird 1Ghz (horrible overclocker, 1.2Ghz on 210Mhz [420DDR] FSB max)

my other stick of cas3 pc3200KVR

some weird 300w $10 PSU

asus A7N266-VM with geforce2 intergrated graphics and soundstorm audio modded to jumperless.

my spare 80Gb WD caviar SE

my old cooljag heatsink


need to get a new bios chip for it as soon as i get the money, then it will be set!

BTW this MB absoulty HATES mobile cpus and ATI cards, if you use either it hard locks it at 100x6=600Mhz, even a clockgen cant change it :.

doing some work on the front panel, gotta replace the ATX switch and power LED. and FTR this was the same old case i had when i was having fun with the K6-2 500 @ 600Mhz on the M599LMR :D:


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lol, this psu will be fine, its what i had when (OMG I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING) i had my ECS K7S5A and XP-M 2200+ at 2.5Ghz. which brings me to my OMFG thingie, i was using a peice of crap PSU, i bet that was what limited me and in turn with my setup now i BET i could get Much better (2.6Ghz mabye :O). why oh why did i have to kill it :sad:

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Man, I messed up bad.


I just had the debris removal crew haul off several dozen storm damaged computers from the office today.


I never even though about taking a pic of any of them. What a waste!


One high end server got blasted out of the rack it was installed in. We found it four blocks away from where it was originally installed. It looked like it had been tossed out the back of a truck going down the interstate.


The amazing thing was that we sent the drive cage and controller off to a recovery service and they were able to get all of the data off the RAID-5 array.


We haven't had much luck recovering data from Katrina damaged rigs. It seems the salt water really does a job on them.


I had one Shuttle box come in and the owner said it was never underwater. When I got to his former office I found the building had been moved about thirty feet. It was still intact but the front steps were now behind the building. I opened the case and it was full of styrofoam insulation pellets and finely ground pine needles.

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update and bump, no more xaserIII :-)







just gotta figure out what to do with that huge clump at the top (pic 5).... is there anywhere that sells a pci usb controller that just has the internal pins, or atleast 3 sets of them.. i really don't feel like splicing them all together into 1 :P


also just looking back on some old pics, Enzo that lil SD card reader or whatever it is plugged into your flopy is interesting... what is it exactly?

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