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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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A few better ones from before it went in a box.










And now the box ~! phear the box its 22lbs of steel and very difficult to cut.

That nasty plastic fan cage was removed and the 120 mm fan went there.


Yes it is huge & I used the metal plate (foreground) with the leftovers of the old power supply box( in the rear) to mount the power supply. EDIT : Look above where the PSU vents (in the middle was final mounting postion )and see the two plug in power cord passthroughs. The 2x80mm fan mod uses the upper outlet and mini switch and about 1-2 mm across the top of the PSU itself for venting.


First fitting of rear mounting bracket for Power supply before its modification.

NOTE : check the top of the case. Those two openings are perfect for a pair of 120mm fans (blowholes) and a clear plexiglass top.


Different view


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Guest Halvis

OceanSeas? are you a Ham Radio guy? or was that a previous life?

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Lets make a fan hole for the 120 *(the other one defeated me for now and so I left the magic marker for refrence.


Check out the thickness of the scrap ! #%^^^%&^%&^&^%&


Note that the power supply cage has been highly beaten with a hammer ~! *(more on that later.) And that the metal has been removed so that the OCZ 520 will fit.


Adding Power supply. Where the power supply and the other cage meet I have 2 x 80 mm fans and a foam pad sealing the envirionment. It exhausts to the rear And I am going to put some ram sinks on the top of the PSU as its top is the bottom of my mini wind tunnel. (I closed the side you see above the PSU with foam and put a pair of 80 mm's pointig to the rear and sitting on the PSU)


Wire it up to see if it boots ~!


Super Ghettho Fan mod on top right corner of board and cools HD's also


Starting to make a little progress, but this was to get it in a case, I can think on it now about wireing it up without the worry of accidentally kicking it or something. THe IDE *(yellow) missed by 1/2 inch of fitting so I had to dig up an old (long) stripe.) Note : All power cords are passing through the Recessed area on the right of the HD cage. THe large pink Zip tie in the center holds the entire bundle under tension. (it took the natural loop of the bundle and changed it from a outward bulge to a neutral position.) Afterwards I adjusted all tensions on all plugs and plug ins and made sure i was not overtensioning anything. THe 80 mm fan has the bundle of cable routed BESIDE it and then falling in a gracefull loop to their terminus. *(haha, well thats subjective, I think so.) I am just happy to get it in a case.


THe only thing not tight in this picture are the Sata cables. Eventually I re routed them.


That small screened area is the Exhaust for 2 x 80 mmfans that Are forceing air across the top of the PSU *(which I plan to cover with AS5 and heatsinks !) I used a foam piece about the size of a Cd cover and blocked in the area and it is fairly airtight. I sat two 80 mm fans on the PSU and butted them up to the edge of the old PSU box and then closed it in on the side with the foam. (no pics sorry will get them during round two.)


Front of the beast With slats removed and homemade screen intake. (doubled over house window screen.)


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Ok into the Homestretch ~! yaa [email protected]

Side by side with my Intel Rig in thE thermatake Tsunami dream mid tower. I have since ripped the nasty plastic inlets off tsunami case. Note the TT door is long long gone.


Another Side by side. Size does make a difference ~! Note the TT is on feet and the DFI /tower is sitting on its base. I plan to add some wheels later :)





Ok thats all the DFI stuff, here are a few of My INTEL , Avert your Eyes if it burns.

When I go into the DFI again I will detail the *(accidental) Design of the Box over my PSU and adding the Heatsinks to the top of the PSU itself.




Wire job


Finito. Notice I used the blue lights from the door inside the case :)

Salvaged like a good pirate.


I cant let it slide that I hate that purple quick attach thing on the Thermaltake cases. Here I am after I figured out that wire cutters were better than hot butter knives. (no I am kidding I always try the cutters first.) You have to remove the edge so that you can get a screw to hold the video card down. Even then it is a logistical nightmare. I don't move my PC's but I would not trust the quick connect if I did.





Thats it. the end. I had never tried closeups on the Digital I borrowed so some didnt come out right, when I go in and mod again I will have a better knowledge if its focal point.


EDIT : rough layout of curent nf4 setup in the tower case and the 80mm is fed from the front of the case also) .


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Lord Calvert and Doctor Pepper. Famous seafarer's breakfast drink :D


aye, puts the lead in the pencil.

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Geez.. Thats one big case.. :)


Phase two will be Two plexiglass sidepanels and lighting goodness.


It does not even need a top on it. ~! But I will put one on it for grins.


I always wanted to do this to this case and I figured it would hold watercooling later if If flip the whole thing upside down.


I can stand on the case, jump on it, its crazy heavy duty.


EDIt lol sound. I drink dark rum and coke, that LC was just an empty that someone left sitting on my wine rack and I consciously framed the shot up after I saw it. I thought it was one of the better of the series. And the wine N capn morgans is below :)

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