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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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Thanks for informing me of what it was for lol.


Oh and nice OC. I hope mine does that well. I'm only at 3060 right now(limited by the stock cooler).

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Guest SuppA-SnipA

uh uh high end cards need the extra power simple

and to keep it simpler, if the plug is there i'd use it :)

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i managed to build up a complete rig to play some C&C3...lets see how long it takes to sell the parts.....:cool:



the stacker is a great case.......but that you all know already.....












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Feel kind of.. small, posting my standard-ish case with no mods next to everyone else that posted, but i'm proud of my dfi rig, damit, and i want to show people, so, here it is.

I'll start it off with my rig, descripton and specs first, then picture.

And yes i know my signature is out-dated, i'll get it updated soon, but we're required to have one to post, so, i'm using it, cute fox too.

And to your questions, no there are not any SLI 7300GT's in these pictures, i accidently destroyed one, and the other i gave as a gift to a nice co-worker.

Both the 7300's were replaced by the GTX beast.


DFI LanParty Nforce4 SLI-DR

AMD Opteron 185 Socket 939 (dual core 2.6 @ 2860mhz, 1.58v, 220mhz fsb)

2gb Kingston KTH-D530/1G (DDR400 1gbx2 @ 440mhz, 2.8v, 2.5-3-3-5-12)

Asus nVidia 8800GTX, fully stock settings, for now. Will take it apart and apply arctic silver 5, test temps, see if i can play around with OC'ing it this coming tues - thurs. Need time off work to sit down and take it apart properly, and the cleaning stuff, etc.

Intel Pro 1000 PT PCI Express Gigabit NIC

Currently using single sata drive, WD5000KS, 500gb, 7200 rpm, 16mb buffer.

Tuesday, i'll be buying a Dell Perc4eDC PCI Express Ultra320 RAID card with 256M DDR caching, and setting up a raid array with 4x seagate ST373207lw (73.4gb, ultra-320, 10k rpm, 8mb buffer) probably raid5 or raid0, depending on which offers higher throughput.

Antec P-180 chassis.

ThermalTake ToughPower 650w modular PSU.

Thermalright XP-120 CPU Cooler with antec case fan.

PCI Sound Blaster Audigy 4.


3dMark 2006 score.


Now the picture.

Click hyper-link below pic for full size version.


EDIT FOR ALL SEEING THIS POST: server the piccies were on is gone from the net, i'll have to take more and re-host em later >.< Sorry about that.




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Just wanted to show off my newest h2o addition. icon6.gif I just got a 3x120mm radiator and went from 3/8in tubing to 1/2in. Dropped my loaded temp from 62C to 51C!!! buttrock.gif But it was a classy lady to install...




Moving the radistor outside cleared up a lot of space inside though. :nod:














I can never seem to get a "t" to work well. I had no room for my res with the rad on top, tubing issues... I had to fill everything up and hook it up quick like so not to sill anything. :sweat: It is done now and I can go for 3G much easier. I'd have it already if the power hadn't gone out as I was sleeping last night. :mad: This new rad works wonders though... I just need to get 3 more fans for it. :rolleyes:

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