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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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Nothing too special, but I like it. The fan I cut into the window I'm not to happy with. It isn't quite square.


Wires are a real mess I guess.


I should really neaten up that wire on my 9800 Pro. I didn't have any heatshrink to make a nice neat job covering up the resistor for the voltmod, so I just slapped on some electrical tape. Doesn't look very neat.

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Looks good AG..But it seems someone needs to get the wires under control..;)


Im gona be posting some updated pics of my rig.. I just got a CM Stacker case .. sleeved my psu and other wires.. Also cut a 120mm blowhole..

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hrmm...my post being last is a sure-fire bet that the thread is gonna die the true death lol



so neener neener i been monkey-ing around this weekend trying to get stuff done, and with a little flair...


i need to take better pics...and i will...beware!



the DFI NF4 SLI-DR in a temp HSPC TechStation:





my red Aspire X-Infinity case that I finally doing something with (875B Lanparty, Danger Den TDX kit...now stupid side panel wont fit on because there's an indent on the panel and its right where the dang radiator sits...gonna have a metal guy bang that out for me one day...









spooky NF3 with the....whatever color/kind of light that is...pitch black room...skeeeeery!





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