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Official CASE pic thread! 56k BEWARE!!

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jus posted my pics on my clas forums and .. figured id show u good guys here too . should have some new parts such as rad shroud , UV cold Cathodes , and some primoflex tubing. but here it it before that .



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Nice rig man. What's that coolant hose going straight up from the T-connector for? Going to throw some water on your vid card as well? How do you like the powerstream? I've heard a lot of good things about them but somebody was telling me the shielded cables are really hard to route.

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there is a little bit of hydrx in there now . the hose going straight up is for my t-line setup for me to fill and bleed the system because i didnt have the right length tubing to hook up my res . i have a schroud my cold cathodes and my primochill tubing coming tomorrow :shake:

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here is a pic of my DFI UT250GB repacked into a small Coolermaster centurion case. This case is Ideal for watercooling (for such a small case).




Rig specs:


3400 clawhammer (2.5Ghz)(vcore 1.84)

1GB OCZ VX Gold PC3200 (A64 tweaker settings)(3.3 vdimm)


nVidia Prototype 6800 Ultra (modified custom bios)(495/1250)

74 GB raptor, 250 GB data drive

Silver TDX (with custom chrome top)(#4 insert)

NV-68 (Custom UV Green Lucite top)(very 1st NV-68 made)

Dual DDC Laing pumps running paralle

BIX rad (chrome)

Lite On Dual layer DVD burner

Audigy 2 sound card

OCZ Power Stream 520


It is an OK little system. I mainly use this one for games. Until I get my NF4 anyway....

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