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[RESOLVED] Hard Disk Boot Problem After Hotflashing

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Hi, yesterday i have to hotflash (1/31 with "force boot sector flash" that it's seem not to be flashed) a friend's mobo (because i flash 1/31 and boot ok 2 times and died so i hotflashed later), and when it boot ok again (and survive the flash thing), his HD start to fail boot OS, if it's used a boot-cd or floppy the OS start ok, but never start in Maxtor 80. I try differents thinks like format etc, and no luck. I think that sometimes says "can't find the route to OS" or something like that but i'm not sure of that. The things is, can't load up OS. I need to know if could be hotflash problem or configuration or simply HD problem. I not test the HD in my mobo until now (just not enough time). I guess i do it tomorrow.



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