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Trojans And Raid 0 Crash In 2 Day!


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Well boys and girls it has happened. My work computer had a very nasty trojan infestation yesturday and today my personal computers raid 0 array is dying as we speak. All in all it has been a very good week! Although I have to thank the raid manager for warning me about the failure as I had time to get all my data off the raid hard drives before I started getting "System 32 file .... missing" error messages up the ying yang. So yes not only did it suck big time to back up my data at work and spend countless hours getting that back set up again *God I hate corporate Panda* but my personal computer, my sanctuary is dying on me! Woe is me! Anyway I just wanted to write this in so any of you out there on the interwebz back up your data, do it frequently cause you never know when its going to happen to you!

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