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after a serious breach in our corporate anti-virus in the lab about 18 months ago (Norton Enterprise let something in and it ended up getting into every PC on the network), I took all of the pc's through a testing routing where I put about 20+ different anti-viruses on each one to see which one would find and cure (or at least just find) the problem.


Out of all 20+ AV's, the ONLY two that even saw the problem (and both easily corrected the problem) were:





Just to be sure, I repeated this test on the remaining 6 computers in the lab, and the same held true for all...ONLY NOD32 and Kaspersky detected the virus and so only those two could correct the problem.


This was a nightmare, as well as a wake-up call for the fact that I'd paid through the nose for years for Norton Enterprise as it had never failed me before.




Now, to be sure, as others have said, everyone's opinion is going to be different. For $30-ish, I wouldn't even look at another AV besides NOD32 or Kaspersky.


(ps keep in mind I continuously test AV's as well as my own business as tech/networking dude means I regularly have to fix computers infected with God-knows-what, so it isn't like I only use NOD32 and Kaspersky and refuse to even try anything new).


One up-and-comer that is pretty decent is Avast! Professional, but it still isn't up to par with the other two yet.

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