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E6600 Won't Reach 3,6ghz

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Hi guys


I'm having trouble getting my E6600 to 3,6 GHZ(400*9)

395*9 is running 24H primestable, however, when i get to 400*9 Prime will end up in a random BSOD after a few hours(no errors, just a blue screen).

System specs are in the signature. I'm running 395*9 with a load vcore of 1,472 volts, Core temps are on the low 50s after several hours of prime.

I already tried to up the vcore to 1,55, (G)MCH voltage +0,025(or 0,25, don't remember) and FSB voltage +0,2. temps were around 55 degrees, so no problems so far.

Ram is running with the 2.00A strap so that it would run @800MHZ 5-5-5-18 when I go for 400*9. Upped the voltage to 2,0V just to be sure that it's not the issue. I also tried to run prime with 401FSB, to make sure it's not a FSB hole I'm in.


My settings:

Robust Graphics Booster [Auto]

CPU Clock Ratio [9 X]

Fine CPU Clock Ratio [+0.0] <-- dont' have this one

CPU Frequency 3.60GHz(400x9)

CPU Host Clock Control [Enabled]

CPU Host Frequency(Mhz) [400]

PCI Express Frequency(Mhz) [101]

C.I.A.2 [Disabled]

!! Performance Enhanced With... [standart]

System Memory Multiplier [2.00A]

Memory Frequency(Mhz) 800

DRAM Timing Selectable [Manual]

****** Standard Timing Control *******

CAS Latency Time [5]

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay [5]

DRAM RAS# Precharge [5]

Precharge delay (tRAS) [18]

****** Advanced Timing Control *******

ACT to ACT Delay [Auto]

Rank Write To READ Delay [Auto]

Write To Precharge Delay [Auto]

Refresh to ACT Delay [30]

Read to Precharge Delay [Auto]

Static tRead Value [Auto]

Static tRead Phase Adjust [Auto]

Command Rate(CMD) [2T]

***** Clock Driving & Skew Control *****

CPU/PCIEX Clock Driving Control [800mV]

CPU Clock Skew Control [Normal]

(G)MCH Clock Skew Control [Normal]

**** System Voltage NOT Optimized !! ****

System Voltage Control [Manual]

DDR2 OverVoltage Control [+0.100V] <-- also tried +0,200

PCI-E OverVoltage Control [Normal]

FSB Voltage OverControl [Normal] <-- also tried +0,2

(G)MCH OverVoltage Control [Normal] <-- also tried +0,25 oder 0,025

MCH Reference Voltage Control [Normal]

DDR Reference Voltage Control [Normal]

DDR Termination Voltage Control [Normal]

CPU GTLREF1 Voltage Ratio [Auto]

CPU GTLREF2 Voltage Ratio [Normal]

Loadline Calibration [Auto]

CPU Voltage Control [1.5125] <-- got all the way up to a load Vcore of 1,55V

Normal CPU Vcore 1.32500V


Any ideas what i could try would be welcome.


Gratz Homer

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It's crapy MDT ram. it needs the stock 1,8V for 5-4-4-12 @ DDR800 and maxes out @ DDR900 with 1,9V. Uping the voltage doesn't help here. And yes, normal voltage is 1,8. The 0,1 overvolt give me a VDimm of 1,92V. This is more than enough for the Ram to run @ stock.


Edit: the system runs perfeclty fine with 400*8. so the ram should not be an issue if i'm not mistaken.

Edited by Homer-Mix

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I am trying to remember what I had used as far as settings go for that, been a while since I have played with the E6600...


If you could go into the H/W monitor and post what your volts are at 399x9 so that I can help you with those.


I have a feeling that its your NB that needs to be upped, however I want to know what the voltage is sitting at before adding anything


Also what is your FSB before you changed any voltage settings for that, I have not used that motherboard before, however I have used my share of Gigabytes and my ASUS x38 needs 1.360 for the NB and 1.120 for the FSB for a 400x9 on the E8400


Have you tried to loosen your RAM timings at all?


Can you post a screen shot of CPU-Z on the main screen as well as the SPD and Memory screens?

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Seems as if i got it now. I put every voltage on normal(which means-auto voltage on the (E)X38 boards, don't ask me why) and upped the Vcore one more notch. Heck, this CPU needed 0,09Volt for 45 MHZ more OC. Ram runs @ DDR-800 with [email protected],8V. Prime ran 25 hours. Seems good to me. Now i'll try to get this crap ram working at 450*8, but i would be surprised if it would really work *lol*


Anyways many thx @ Smith and gotdamojo

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