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Finished My Friends New Rig

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I was "approached" (Reads: please please please) by my best friend to look into his computer problem. He had installed the XP Service Pack 3 on his HP Media Center PC. Sad to say, it was an AMD Processor.... So.... We all know where that all went. He ended up redoing the system 4-5 times since then, and the graphics are completely screwed no matter what he does. The PC shuts down when it wants, restarts when it wants, goes blank when it wants, etc... He gave up. I personally think that the SP3 somehow got into the restore partitions on his hard drive and messed with them. Once the new one is done, we're bombshelling the entire hard drive, and reinstalling his OS with no restore partitions.




He asked me to figure out some options for him. I work on alot of Dell PC's. He either wanted to modify one of those, which would have possibly saved him some money, but limited his options for upgrades, OR... He wanted to possibly future-proof his new computer, for a while anyway.


After looking into every option, with him sitting next to me, he kept looking at my rig and asked what it would cost to build something similar. After making sure my fiance was out of the room (she thinks my PC was $1400 :unsure: )


We decided to look into it anyway... and my heart sank when I noticed how far prices had dropped on my parts or similar... I could actually get him something similar for appx $1100-1400. The only differences were that he had his own video card and didn't want the 3rd hard drive.


So we wnded up with:


Computer Case: Antec Nine Hundred Gamer

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300

CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-12F

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4

Memory: 4GB OCZ PC2 8500

Power Supply: Xclio Greatpower X14S4P4 650 Watt

Main Hard Drive: 250GB Seagate Barracuda ES SATA

Backup Drive: 750GB Seagate Barracuda SATA

Rom Drive 1: DVD Rom

Rom Drive 2: LiteOn 20X DVD-RW

Operating System: Windows XP Home (Vista Home Premium 64 to be added later)


And his parts:


Monitor: Samsung 204B

Video Card: ATI Radeon All In Wonder X1900 <----Looking into a new one ATI ---OR--- Nvidia?!?!?!?!?

Speakers: Altec Lansing 251 Series

Mouse: Logitech MX700 <----- Desperatley needs a new one :lol:



Everything went together smoothly. Newegg was out of the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extremes, so I remembered someone here mentioning the Noctua, and I found one on evilbay. It arrived within days and the base was PERFECTLY flat. No need to lap it. I was impressed and other than a few less heatpipes, it was VERY similar to the TRUE. On the PLUS side, it's also a little shorter and I was able to add the fan to the side vent to aid in cooling. The only downfall was that the Noctua fans are that gawd-awful tan and brown color. I wish they'd make them in black, silver, or something..... Still the same, it did it's job just fine. Also, the "Modular" power supply didn't aid me too much in routing cables. They're tied down a little better than what's in the pics now, but they still ticked me off. I wish Antec would construct their cases with a few more routing holes. I had thought about dremeling a few of my own, but decided against it because it wasn't my PC.


I got the OS installed as well as all the M$ updates and Motherboard drivers, and Jason is just now getting all his programs loaded on to it. It's running very stable and looking at the OCCT program, The Noctua's temps are very very competitive with the TRUE. I'll wait until he breaks it in for about a month, and then go recheck it. After all was said and done, The tower, minus his own parts, ended up costing just under $1200




















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Looks good, those cases are hard to wire manage without modding! (I know, i have 1 lol)

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I think nVidia is holding the crown for gaming cards "at the moment" and the new series with CUDA and PhysiX is taking them to a whole new level.

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