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27909488.jpg Knows as well...


I used to watch ST:TNG with my dad back in the day, I wish I had them on DVD though because I'd rewatch all of them (not because this movie is coming out but because I like them).


A lot of people who watch Star Wars just can't get into Star Trek and vice versa, I'm open minded I can watch Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, errr... Battle Star Gallactica...


I would have to say that I'm more of a Star Wars fan though not because their better but because I've seen them more.


For awhile there (my teenagehood) I barely watched any TV and it wasn't until I was 19 or so that I really started getting into TV again, all these good series that I missed the most of.


I'm tempted to download them all (BSG, SG, ST, etc) and watch what I missed out on...



/unnecessarily long drawn out post

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