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Here is my rig that I have planned so far. My max budget is $800 but I'd like to keep it lower if possible. I will be using Vista Premium for the OS


I don't need a monitor, but everything else. Here's what I got, all from Newegg.


Antech Earthwatts 430 PSU


It's like 30 bucks after the rebate, so it seems like a great deal to me.








EVGA 512mb 8800GT



Intel Core 2 Duo E6550


I will problably do a small overclock to like 2.9 GHz or something, so the stock HSF will be fine, right?


mushkin 2GB (2 x 1GB)



Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB HDD



Vista Premium, like $100


Total:$771.91 Not including shipping.


Thank you for any help, I'd like to place orders within the next 2 weeks.


Also props to those who know my avatar.

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That setup Repr suggested is alot better, and that Antec 430W is more then enough to power the whole thing.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yeah, with the rebate the antec is a steal, you could get 2 and combine them for 860 watts :P

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Centurion 5 49.99

seagate barracuda 57,99

EVGA 8800GT 169,99

Antec earthwatts 430 59,99

2x 1gb ocz platinum pc6400 43,99

Gigabyte EP35-DS3L 89,99

Intel Core2Duo E8400 189,99



Total rebate in mail: $60

Total after rebate: $601,93


Better cpu, will go a bit faster, other memory, much cheaper after rebate.


I'm about to order these parts, except for a E8200 instead of a E8400. Any last minute things I should know about? Thanks

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Save some money and buy this case.



Check out this motherboard as well:



Ram: (Amazing MIR)



And with the money saved from MIR's you can afford a 4850: (Which also has a good MIR deal)


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Well thanks, but I orderd now. I went with all the ones in my above post, except I went with a E7200 instead of the E8200. I know most of you would object to that, but for a 17 year old kid, if I can save money, I will. Besides, it's not like I'll be playing Crysis all day at 103294019283x124124 with a billion AA and AF, 1024x786 is fine with me.


The total was 790 after shipping. Thanks to everyone!

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