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Mad Cow

Windows File Sharing Not Cooperating

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Hello all,


I have just installed a gigabit network for seven computers in an offline lab environment with file sharing enabled. All of the computers are set up and working great except one (wouldn't ya know...). When any of the other computers (call it computer A) attempts to connect to this problem computer (computer B), a username and password prompt appears on A. I've tried entering the username and pass that I use for B, but that doesn't work.


To the best of my knowledge, I've set them all up the same:

- run the Windows Network Wizard to properly name the computer and enable file sharing

- assign static ip addresses

- share the main user's folder to the network with full privileges


any ideas?

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I was recently messing with this problem myself in an entirely XP Pro workgroup. I was searching through Local Security Policies and Services, racking my brain while trying to figure out why it wouldn't work. I ended up renaming the problem computer to a shorter name and suddenly it was accessible from all other PC's in the workgroup. It is possible that XP has a maximum length configured for the computer name when file sharing using Simple File Sharing.


If you are indeed using SFS, then make sure the Guest accounts are enabled and the password is blank (or the same) on all PC's in the workgroup.

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It doesn't seem to like certain characters being the in the computer name either



but CENTY_BED is not


Try just using letters from A to Z

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