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A Build To Last For 6 Years



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Guest retratserif

Here is the one we used over at DFI/DIY :lol:

I think those are Angry's hands if I'm not mistaken.


AngryGames needs a trim.

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I haven't read any replies...I just wanted to comment on building a gaming machine that'd last 6 years...


Not a chance unless your gaming will consist of only games coming out in the next three years or only web-based games.


For example, what video cards came out six years ago? GeForce 4's and Radeon 8500-9200's. Find me a 4+ Star game that's come out this year that support those cards. Good luck.

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Ya it's usually just better to budget in around $1000 mark, and then upgrade again in 2 years. Seems like the turn around for midrange systems is about 2 years before your chuggin away at under 25fps in games.

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pie, yea i was kinda stupid asking for a futur proof build, the moral of the story is always think before posting otherwise you will end up with somthing simaller to this thread.


i have decided my rute of action is now to buid a decent gaming machine for the now and wory about the futer when it happens because i may have other things to fill my life

i think thats a plan everyone can agree with. def spend a little extra case u can look at for 6 years. and spend so-so on a video card and processor. u can upgrade those 2 parts in 2-3 years to get another boost in performance so that way u'll still be able to game in the future.

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