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Motherboard For E8500/8400, Sli & 8gb

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Goodaye All,


I have been vacillating back and forth over a build using DDR2 or DDR3 for the past couple of weeks, and had decided to build around either the eVGA NF79 or the ASUS Stryker II. I already have an eVGA 8800GT "superclocked" video card and would like to buy another and give SLI a go...that takes me out of the Intel chipset world altogether and leaves me with either the 780i or the 790i chipset. (Please correct this newbie if I have some bad information)


The first question that I need to resolve is whether either one of these boards will power 8GB of RAM overclocked, and if not, will 8GB of DDR2 run Vista 64 faster than 4GB of DDR3? I had thought to go with DDR3 so that I could change MB & processor when Nehalem becomes reasonable thereby saving the cost of new memory, but I am now reading that Intel will not license Nvidia to produce an SLI chipset for the Nehalem. It seems foolish to pursue that path now.


I do a good bit of digital photography and I suppose that Adobe suite along with Flight Simulator X are the most demanding software that I use. I would love to see FS played on my 24" LCD @ 1920 X 1200 with maximum quality...will the E8500 with 8GB of DDR2 and two 8800GT's accomplish that?


Would love some guidance on the selection of the motherboard and RAM. Thanks in Advance SF

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