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Race Driver Grid


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Race Driver GRID


Came out a couple of days ago.

I had been waiting for it for a little while, as driving games are one of the things I can really get in to.

Naturally I have it already. :)


Haven't been disappointed yet. It looks pretty and plays nicely as well.

The online racing has probably been the most fun for me. Computer controlled cars just can't reproduce the unpredictability of real people.

It does mean there are a few more accidents though. :lol:


Anyone else got it, or are thinking of getting it?

I wouldn't mind racing some of you guys. :)

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it's easily the best looking racing game I've ever seen from playing two of the races in the demo (didn't fancy attempt to drift with a keyboard)... I'll have to dig out my PSOne pads and see how it plays with some form of analogue controls :)

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I was just gonna make a thread about this.


First, check this out:


GRID 2 min vid by Angry


Xvid codec or use VLC Player


After every race, it plays a replay. I chose the action camera or whatever, and then recorded it in FRAPS. This is exactly what it looks like in the game while you are playing.


The game feels like a simulation, but it is just enough 'arcadey' to not be ultra-frustrating (and definitely not too 'arcadey' to turn-off hardcore racers).


There are only 45 cars in the game, but the PC version is very mod-friendly if I remember correctly (it uses DiRt's engine and they also did Toca Race Driver series which was mod-friendly). Really...who needs 210 cars like Forza or GT? I wouldn't mind say...75 though lol.


The crashes are the real 'arcade' part. The racing feels like a sim as each car handles differently, but you can't adjust/tune the cars much (if at all, haven't gotten that far yet, just bought my first car and started my own racing team). The crashes though, are sorta like Burnout (360/PS3/etc) but not that over-the-top. But they are spectacular.


There's a "Rewind" feature that you can use if you "crash out" of a race. There's also the ability to turn this off in "Pro" mode to make it a lot more realistic (or harder, whatever). It's pretty cool.


There's a lot of different types of races and racing classes. There's Demolition Derby in Detroit (it's actually more like "Crash Racing" than the traditional demolition derby we rednecks are thinking of). There's F1 stuff. There's GT stuff. There's open-wheel stuff. There's drift racing/competitions. I think there's like mountain course or point-to-point races etc as well. Lots of stuff, haven't been through it all yet.


The single player career mode is pretty cool. I've read in reviews that after a while the stuff your team/manager says to you gets repetitive, but that's any game really. Sometimes your nav/crew chief or whatever (the dude talking to you on the radio while you are racing) is wrong (like a turn coming up or another racer crashing out). Overall it's pretty kick-..


Multiplayer is 12 racers, and you can choose just about any type of race. It has LAN ability even though it is a Games For Windows Live piece of crap (ok, the game rocks, I just hate that stupid GFW Live junk as they tend to remove stuff like LAN ability and force you to play over their service for...$50 a year? I'm already a friggin Xbox Live Gold member! Maybe it wouldn't cost me anything, but I'm too stubborn to even find out because of my dislike of MS and others who use draconian copy protection schemes). It also works over Hamachi (a VPN that we use to game privately to keep retards out without having to use passwords and without installing moronic crap like Punkbuster which installs itself as a #@%@#$ service twice with games like Vegas 2 grrrrrr)


Only played MP over my own LAN, but of course it rocks.


Graphics...since I know a lot of you want to know what it really looks like...well...did ya watch that vid I linked at the beginning of my post? The loss of quality is of course because it is an Xvid encoding, but to me, it still looks righteous. You get road camera, hood camera, inside the car camera, behind the car camera (2 distances). I've got it at 1280x1024 with 4xAA/everything maxed on this system:


Giga X48

E6600 Core2 2.4Ghz per core

2x2GB Gskill DDR2-800

Palit 8800GT 512MB

Mushkin 800w psu

Audigy2 ZS PCI sound


all at stock speed (overclocking is something I'm just not into anymore). It looks awesome. I promise ya.


The other two machines we played on also looked fantastic (1440x900 and 1024x768). Not quite as good as the 8800 rig above, but nothing to be upset about (about 30-80fps average depending on the track, the wrecks, the car damage (something I'll talk about in a sec)). Those two rigs are:


NF4II (socket AM2 NForce4)

X2 4800+ 2.4Ghz per core

2x1GB OCZ DDR2-800

Foxconn 8800GTS 320MB

Audigy2 ZS sound

Corsair HX-620 psu

(all stock speed, 1440x900 res)






NF4X Infinity (socket 754 + Nforce4 PCI-Express)

3400+ Clawhammer without IHS (2.4Ghz single core)

2x1GB GEIL Value DDR-400

Radeon X1900XT 512MB w/Accelero X1

Audigy1 pci sound

OCZ Powerstream 520w psu

(all stock speed, 1024x768 res)



The dual core rig did a bit better (often hitting over 100fps thanks to the 8800GTS and dual core cpu), but even the "low-end" rig did just fine. There's enough graphics options in the advanced panel to get the game running perfect for any rig.



Ok, did I mention realistic damage? Well, how realistic I don't know, because I'm not a super-mega-ultra-racing dork who writes angry emails to game developers challenging the handling of the SR2000 in the game compared to real-life SR2000 handling. But it's realistic in the sense that it shows up visually (I had a rear bumper hanging by a thread for half a lap before it finally fell off and another car behind me slammed into it and got damaged itself haha), and it seriously affects your car's handling. Smash into something a little too hard on the right side, and your car will pull lightly to severely for the rest of the race.


Ok, there's my bit on it. Hope anyone interested finds this enough to go grab it as I'm totally glued to this game at the moment in career mode (and I'm not a real race-head much, especially on the PC...mostly Xbox360)

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Some nice in depth rambling there A_G :)


I think I have a bit I can add to that, which I was too lazy to do in the first post.


As you, I haven't gone into much depth really and am still getting to know the game somewhat.

I haven't checked out the mod potential or anything like that, but I agree that it could do with a few more cars.

The ones they have picked give a decent cross section of motoring though. :)


I have however played about 6 hours online, so I can talk a bit about that.


For a start, it's real easy to set up and more importantly completely free.

Just select a username and password and hit register and you'll be fine and won't even have to login again each time you go to play.

Just like over LAN, it is 12 players per race.

You can play online either in Ranked races, Unranked or in a private session.

For ranked play you earn points depending on where you finish (not sure how they are allocated exactly) and so move from Jr. Rookie to Rookie and so on etc.

There are a few options when creating a session, such as turning damage on / off, catch up on / off and changing the length of the races.

Choosing races in an online session is quite a nice voting process. You vote for an area (europe / usa / japan / global) and then the specific events within those areas.


Naturally, this being the internet you come across people who have apparently never played a halfway serious racing game before, as well as those who just like spoil other peoples fun by doing stuff like driving around the track backwards. Overall the experience has been good though, with some good respectful racing mixed with some spectacular pileups. :lol:



Graphically it's very nice (the video A_G posted is pretty representative, but better in reality because of the reasons he stated).


I have it running at 1680x1050 with 4xMSAA on my system and it runs like a charm.

Bear in mind I do run my E8400 at 3.6GHz.

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grid is the way rFactor should look....but...conversely i believe rFactor is the way Grid should play.

i'm not starting a whats better than this or that hijack. no, i'm just waiting for a graphically awesome game such as this one to me mated with an awesomly coded sim such as rFactor....(as many online racers as the server can handle, 12 degrees of physics modeling for real car behavior, etc)


ill give this one a shot. didn't codemasters also do Dirt recently? that was a very well done game and it looks like what they learned is showing up here.

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Just bought this game along with Assassin's Creed on steam (cuz I didn't want to wait until tomorrow :D).


Multiplayer name is Specops-Snugg. See ya all there.

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