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Different Modles For Raid 0


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you can get a Samsung T166 500GB (one of the best SATA2 drives ever) for 44 quid...


if you want RAID, I'd *highly* recommend the 250GB Hitachi T7k500 drives for ~30 quid: http://www.lambda-tek.com/componentshop/in...p;prodID=B61352


I run four in RAID-10, I have run them in RAID-0 and RAID-5 in the past... I'm shortly going to put two more in RAID-0 as well as the four drive RAID-10, with two Samsung T166 500GB as storage... possibly two Hitachi T7k250 250GB as further storage...


Hitachi T7 drives are really fast... pretty much top of the league bar the much more expensive WD Raptors

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