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Is It Really Gone?


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welp...things change. Lives change. Financial situations change. Interests change.


Instead of letting all the years of information slip away to some dusty back-end RAID-1 mirror drive or worse, DVD+R, we felt OCC was the most proper place for what we'd accumulated over the years. While a huge chunk of it was about DFI crap, the information and guides pretty much applied to any PC crap.


I'm not into overclocking and tweaking anymore. Grew out of it. Plenty of others are still into it, and probably more than a few of those will be hurt that the Street isn't there because they don't like the color scheme here, they don't like the layout, they don't like you, they can't stand me, blah blah blah. As someone said earlier, people tend to hate change. I hate change too, but I guess as I get older I realize that sometimes I hate change only until some time after the change then I chide myself for being ridiculous and fearful (especially when the change is a good one).


I have always liked OCC. The member make-up here is pretty similar to what the Street always had. I never went through any of the "bad times" here, so I can't comment. We've all been through some "bad times" at the forums we've frequented for long periods. It happens.


Hopefully the posts/threads from the Street will be up soon. Dave says he's working on it, and that's perfect by me. Glad we could find a great place to call home.

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Extremely well said A_G. At least that's what I think the Street'ers called you? Very nice post though.


Well that depends on what phase,era or mood he was in, it could just have well of been Happy Games or H_G, I don't know if it was hormonal or what.


There are a lot of us that will miss the "Street" until we forget about it over time, but it's not like the library of Alexandria has been lost, we'll be assimilated into this and other forums across the net, nevertheless it was a nice home for a while and I couldn't begin to list all the usefull info I learned there and more important all the members I had a chance to meet that made it home to me.

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In my mind there are a couple of primary benefits to this merger;


1. Years of institutional knowledge will be retained and available for those that need to reference it now or in the future

2. There is a "home" place for old school "DFI/DIY" members to check out as a new place to hang out


Of course we will have old DIY forum members that just don't cotton to the "atmosphere", "layout", "color scheme", "personality" etc. of OCC. Unfortunately we will lose those contributors and they will move on to a forum home that more suites their taste. That's just life.


In the mean time many of us old timers will try and fit in and contribute in the best way we know how.


I'm very sad that A_G had to close up shop - his forum was a life saver (literally) for me when I was laid up with a serious illness and confined to the walls of my house and more specifically my bed and my computer chair. It was an outlet that likely saved my sanity. So I'm sorry to see it go, but likewise I'm happy to have a new place to visit.

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