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Another Subscribed Topic Notification Thread

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I don't know how much latitude there is to subscribed topic notifications but here is what I miss from some other forums.


(throws hat into room first checking for gunfire)wall.gif


1. Receiving only one notification for a given time period. So if 4 people post in an hour for example you receive only 1 notification. Better yet would be you receive no further notifications until you have responded to the current one. That may be asking for the moon.


2. Topic Title on the notification. (I see it ... dang was that always there?)


3. Unsubscribe link that unsubscribes from thread when clicked. Some easy way to unsubscribe.


4. First lines of the post included with the message. (least useful)


I find HardForum's notifications good as well as old DIY. But hey, these work if no additions can be made.

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