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Dfi P35 Blood-iron Overclocking

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Im overclocking my e6300 on this board right now and i would like to know what kinds of settings everyone is using. Ive been orthos stable for about 18 hours at the following settings:


fsb: 474

mult: 7

VID: +.05

Dram: 2.1

NB Core: 1.37

CPU VTT: 1.25

Clockgen: 3.6


Stock NB cooling because of that pesky warranty sticker. If you have this board, please post information about your voltages and etc. AFAIK, only these voltages affect stability and the SB voltages should not be touched (correct me if I am wrong). Also please indicate what type of cooling you have. Thx

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My BIOS Settings:










Note that I have C1E and EIST enabled in the CPU features.

Obviously it's best to turn these off when you are pushing for your maximum clocks.

I re-enabled mine to see if they affected stability and it works fine (clocks down to 2.7GHz when idle).


Cooling = Scythe Ninja


Also, despite the sticker on the NB heatsink I applied some AS5 to it. The thermal paste that was on there wasn't applied too badly though.

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The void lettering on the sticker is like a foil and kind of comes off and stays on the motherboard.

I'm not sure how closely the guys at DFI check things like that, but you could probably tell it had been removed if you looked carefully.


I think you could remove it and put it back so it was very difficult to tell if you took your time to.


I would take a picture of mine to show you, but it would be awkward without fiddling around.

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