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Drm And Alike.

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Okey, this is my first post here, since i orginally came from DIY-street.


Anywayz, I heard about the mass effect/spore securom protection, and what people reacted most on was the activation, who in the world doesnt have internet?


If you guys aint familiar with its protection methods, let me explain it, I'm posetive to some, and very negative to other ones.


5 Installs b4 contact of EA is needed

Every 10th day need activation to ensure its not shared on the internet.

Most likely a DVD protection( got to play with DVD)

And probaly other stuffs.


Okey, what I'm against.

The 5 installs only, and the DVD protection thingy, first of all, i dont got any dvd room, i loan when im doing a totally clean install on my computer, in fact i got 6 computers without a DVD room, and my router(linux based) got the dvd room which i loan when needed on the other computers.


I'm posetive to the activation method, maybe people start buying some games, and it will make it harder, I will not say I don't do piracy, cause I do, if I had bought all of the games I play, i wouldnt have any money left for living at all( 500 gb of iso's)

But i still have bought 40 games since november last year, which is alot of games aswell.


In fact, I think the online activation method is the only one that can keep people away from piracy, and all other methods seems to be bull crap.


As an example, A friend bought Bioshock, looked fancy, I wanted it, i simply took some regs from his system, copied the folder, and off i went, even though it had a 3 installs only protection. waste.

DVD protection, cracks, often limits to only singleplayer, and is a pain in the . to get a new one each time update comes out.


if more people buy games, maybe prices fall.


Anywayz, i will always be a little thief when it comes to software and alike, I simply cannot afford everything, so its really tempting to get everything for free, But also like to support game devs.


And when I own something, i would really like to have it on multiply devices, songs on multiply computers, and alike.


My gf does abit of gaming aswell, so i got each game 2 times, and games we play online together ive actually bought 2 of hehe.

but thats me.

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The 10 day thing is gone, FYI. It was an absolutely horrible idea and if any primarily offline game ever implements it that game is doomed to fail.


What happens when the server goes down? Will the company keep the servers online forever? Doubtful if the company goes under...and then you have a useless game.


Copy protection is a total crock of . for any single-player game. People who want it will buy it. People who pirate everything will continue to do so regardless of what copy protection is in place.


For multiplayer games it's much easier to control who pirates it but even then, it's not something that's worth spending time on. If it can be cracked (and everything can) it will be cracked.

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