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Power Consumption Of My X3360 (kill-a-watt)

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I know it's a bit of a pain to power down to insert the Kill-A-Watt, but if you do it again, could you try OCCT v2 (CPU test) ? My load temps are ~5-10

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Guest ajmatson
Illustrated above is the fact that unplugging the two hard drives only reduced it by 14W.


Perhaps that should be changed to "unless graphic card crazy"!


Tru but most systems (I said most not all :) ) can have only up to 2 video cards but I have seen some with 6-8 or more hard drives. ;)

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I have a Zalman Fan controler that also displays the Wattaged used. (it has a lead that goes between the PSU, and the Power Lead)


and my power use is similar to the above.


The MAX I ever see is 267W, which is when playing Crysis, with lots of stuff open in the back ground.


Idle is 200W.


Really goes to show just how inflatted all these PSU numbers are.


BS does anyone even NEED 500W. Assume 80% effiency for a quality PSU, and thats at BEST still only using 230W ish

On a HIGH Quality 300-400W 90% of people would be fine.


I recon to NEED more than 500W, you would really need to be running Skulltrail, with 4x GPUs and probably upwards of 10 HDDs.

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