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Best Temp Monitoring Program?

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I have noticed that myself Six, My BIOS single reading seems to be the hottest core, I always thought it would have been the Tcase reading like the old socket temp from my Athlon days but when im all loaded up its usually my core #4 temp. My Everest, CoreTemp and the OCCT monitor all read identical, RealTemp was the only one I had to adjust from 95C to 100C from the info I could find via google the Q6600 is said to have the TJuntion max of 100C. I hope it is 100 cause I would hate to be running my Chip 5 or even 10 degrees hotter than I think I am. Thinking about the difference between the B3 and the G0 Stepping, should there not be a difference in TJmax also? Definitely need more concrete info from Intel as you said

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