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Started folding yesterday, and read that the best cards for folding are nVidia's even though I read at ATI that the RED team were partners in developing FAH with Stanford. Any I just wanted to ask if having my EVGA GTS 250 as a dedicated PhysX card alongside my main 5850 will help speed my folding.


I'm 87% into my 3rd work unit - I let here rip about 27 hours ago - Is this as slow as I think it is? I just pluged back in the GTS 250 a couple of hours ago.



Just read the installation instructions and realized it maynot automatically detect the GPUs, I also didn't check off the do not lock cores box which limited the folding to 1 of 6 cores. Fail. Should be easy enough to remedie when I get home from work.


For my setup of a 5850 OC and a GTS 250, should I enter either -forcegpu ati_r800 or -forcegpu nvidia_g80, or will the client use both cards?

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