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Finally Got To Toy With The Xeon E3110(8400)

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I've had my new rig set up for a couple days now, but due to work and stuff I have not been able to start tweaking yet. Today I finally got a chance when I got home to mess with it.


Bad news is that I need to reseat my TRUE 120. The heatpipes don't even get warm, and when I push down on it at full load the temps drop 1-3c instantly :lol:. Going to reseat with a little less AS5 and a dime under the top mounting bracket to put more pressure on the base to solve that problem.


Good news? I seem to have gotten a decent clocker! Havent pushed it far yet by any means due to the cooler needing to be reseated, but 4.1ghz was a BREEZE....get this, at STOCK VOLTS!.


1.25vcore, what the box labels as the stock voltage, is OCCT/PRIME/SPI stable. I then put the voltage up to 1.28 to test further, but I don't like the temps and will reseat my heatsink first before pushing it farther. Maybe 4.3-4.4ghz on air??? I still have a ton of room for more vcore, and with my cooling 1.4v will be perfectly safe 24/7 - with intels max voltage rating being 1.45v.


Heres a quick OCCT screenshot from today. The hot lil bastard hit 64c with only 1.28v on a TRUE120 and 140cfm Delta :O . After reseating it w/ the dime and the AS5 settling I would guess it should be around ~58c full load with same settings.


I have not even touched my RAM settings yet or dug into the board - almost everything is still on "Auto" :lol:!!!. Ram is running just a hair overclocked at DDR2-1094...547mhz 5-5-5-15. I am amazed at how easy 4.1ghz came, just 2 or 3 restarts from my own personal inexperience with the motherboards bios - this is my first x38 board, and my only other personal C2D experience was with an E6750 on an Asus P5k p35 rig that I built for a friend upgrading from an old single core winchester.


Tomorrow after I reseat the heatsink I will continue to get my feet wet in the bios and push the chip further. My new 3d2k5 score, with a fully stable OC and barely trying, decimates my old "max effort" bench stable runs...


Looks like I am back benching at least a little bit...guess I can take "3dMark Has Been" out from under my avy finally, eh?


Stay tuned.


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Nice chip there puck, you may check the true and lap it if needed most are convex to match Intels concave chips...

I eyed it when I installed it and it seemed flat and had a decent surface(I've seen better but it was lapped fairly well), but I will put a razor to it and check for true flatness tomorrow when I pull it. I guess a lapping wouldnt hurt either.


Thanks for the suggestion :)

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Nice chip mine takes 1.375 in bios to hit 4.0ghz but 500x8 really rocks.12+ hour Prime 95 stable (3 times lol) With a Vendetta 2 my temps never hit 60c.I run it 24/7.Got it at Microcenter for 189.99 B:)

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