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Right, I've noticed quite alot of people on here can use photoshop, and most are good at it!


Some graphics boards have worms, which is basically a series of images that continuously blend to look like one, some examples are - Blue Sfear and DuelistGroundz

It'd just be for something to do, nothing serious.


So before I or somebody else? imposes some guidelines would anybody participate?




View the worm here


Actually, it's here: OCC Worm

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Longcat is pure awesomeness...


First time I saw it I was like what the heck? and then I scrolled to the bottom and then went up like 42 clicks and was like what the heck? then I kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling then I was like what the heck?

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I'll host it once we've got like, 5 entries. I reckon vertical is easiest, but horizontal is good too... we need to decide on a size, theme and decide who starts...

I think horizontal is actually easiest. For vertical, so someone starts with a landscape, with a sky above and dirt below...it's very hard to get something that'll blend nicely without resorting to underground tunnels and lairs and such, over and over again. heh.


Also, we need to lay some ground rules. We can't have two people working on it at the same time, otherwise it'll get screwed up. The images will also tend to be a lot more elaborate than the "photoshop tennis" game, and thus we can't expect someone to finish their "section" in a day.


I propose that a person posts here stating "I'll do the next section" and then they have a week to complete it....if they finish it earlier than that, great...but if a week passes and they do not submit their section, then someone else can jump in and post that they'll be taking it over.




EDIT: Lego, are you going to be able to host it in a similar manner that bluesfear did...posting each section individually with the names of the people who did it underneath? I think that's cool, as you can see where each section broke off initially.

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