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A7n8x And Barton Oc Results / Suggestions?

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Here are the components:

Asus A7N8X Deluxe

AMD 2500+ Barton (volcano 11 cooler)

Corsair 3200 DDR Twin 2x256megs


Obviously, the system runs stable at the default:

FSB - 166MHz

Mult - 11.0

RAM - 166MHz

vcore - 1.65


And this yeilds 1826MHz for the CPU.. but doesn't seem to bench much better than a 2400+. But, the Barton's good for OC. Here's the max I've been able to get, w/o screwing around with the multiplier or vcore:

FSB - 190MHz

Mult - 11.0

RAM - 190MHz

vcore - 1.65


My A7N8X just wasn't up to the 200MHz FSB that some have been able to attain. I really wanted to get it up to 200MHZ to use the full potential of the RAM. This configuration yields 2090MHz, and I realize I could get the CPU clock higher if I lowered the FSB but increased the multiplier, but I really want my system bus to be going as fast as possible, to utilize the pricey 3200-DDR corsair.


If I try to clock any higher than 190, I can get thru the post, but not into windows, up until I hit 198, then no post. Sounds about normal.


I'm thinking of trying the FSB drop and Mult. raise to get a higher CPU frequency, and then benchmarking to see if the RAM performance even drops. But does anyone have any other suggestions?


Also, this may be a silly question, but I can't figure out how to tell if my RAM is in dual channel mode. I bought the dual optimized ram, and I'm running agressive 6-2-2-2 stable, which is great. But I don't know if I'm actually in dual channel mode (no indicators in BIOS, and the manual just says you have to have the RAM in certain slots).

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once again:

dual channal is a sale trick

a normal board has one controler for your memory

this give him up to 3.2 gig/s

now use two controlers, that is why u have to use certain slots

and why it oly works with 2 modules or more, and u get another 3.2 gig/s

3.2 + 3.2 = 6.4 gig/s so you won't see increasement of bandwidth

but when you are working or playing you might notice a slight difference

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