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Hydrogen Cars, Why Not Just Make Electric

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Well it could work if it was managed properly... however that's never going to happen, so I suppose you be right...


Ooh I remembered the fact that will concern many people...


If every working class citizen in China drank ONE more bottle of beer than they do at present on a Friday night, there would not be enough hops/barley in the entire world to meet the demand. Scary thought considering that's beer and not biodiesel!


Thankfully it seems beer in China is not as huge a deal as it is over here in the West ...

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You guys also forgot to mention that at night less power is being used from the power grid and that is when most people will be charging there electric cars.


I'm really convinced that hydrogen is being concidered as the next form of power beucase certain compaines (we wont name them, exon/moble!!) are greedy and dont want to lose profits.

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