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Pc Issue

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I am having having a hardware issue atm and i am trying to resolve it. This morning i turned my pc off and it was fine but dis afternoon when i arrived home i found that the computer itself is indeed starting up but will not even bring the boot menu up, meaning there is only power supplied to it. I have been rattling my mind over it and have decided that there are 4 possible hardware failures possible. Being my RAM, hard drive, memory or even MBoard. See im not even sure if they are all the possible errors. So what i am wondering is if anyone can tell me what they think the problem is. The pc was working fine today but when i got home it was out of order :P. So remember not booting but power supplied(know it ain't a monitor issue also since my router was not picking up my PC either). If anyone can tell me what they think it may be would be greatly appreciated.


Also i apolagize if this is not in the correct section its just i wasn't sure where to put it.

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